Year End Giving Letter from NVC Executive Director

Year End Giving Letter from NVC Executive Director

November 20, 2016


Dear Donors, Friends, and Volunteers,

No, we won’t leave Virginia or her many neighbors without transportation to important doctors’ appointments, dental visits, grocery shopping or to local venues offering engaging social activities.
We’ll get them “connected” through our Call Center to the appropriate transportation provider or we’ll take them ourselves with the help of our own volunteer drivers. (In Virginia’s case, our driver Mary takes her to her dialysis appointments three times every week.)virgina

Survey after survey of our senior population lists transportation as the #1 essential need. So many
people are still healthy enough to live at home but they NO LONGER drive! (Some are still driving but
shouldn’t be!) If only they could solve the transportation issue, they could remain safely and
comfortably at home.

That’s why Northwest Valley Connect (NVC) was created – to provide the “gift of mobility” to the
homebound community and to those with limiting disabilities. Now in our third year of operation and
thanks to some excellent media coverage, our Call Center has experienced almost triple the calls from
2015 to 2016. Yes, I said TRIPLE! From 1450 calls in all of 2015 to an incredible 1900 calls in just the
first six months of 2016. That means we’re on pace to handle some 4,000 calls this year!
And I’m the only paid staff person. Can you believe that! Where would I be without Mickey and her many volunteers manning the Call Center and Rich and his
fellow drivers taking the trips that NVC provides?

So, good friends, what do I need? I need more drivers and more Call Center volunteers. I also need our
friends and some of the folks we serve to step up and support us financially. Like any worthy nonprofit,
NVC needs its own loyal base of supporters (we call them donor partners) to provide critical operating
dollars and to help us build a modest “prudent reserve” that we can use going forward. Grants from
state and local municipalities are helping but we need the private sector to step up and support us.

To make this more attractive, please know that NVC recently qualified to receive Arizona tax-credit
donations. That’s up to $400 for individuals and $800 for couples. A gift to NVC can mean a dollar-for-
dollar credit against your Arizona taxes as well as a charitable deduction against your federal tax
liability. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Please contact us to make your contribution for 2016. I’d also ask you to study
our Pyramid of Giving and see if your heart and your budget will allow you to make one of these
“significant” gifts. That would be very special.

Thanking you for your friendship and encouragement,

Kathryn Chandler
Executive Director/Mobility Manager
Northwest Valley Connect
Tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 nonprofit
Federal Tax ID# 46-4635030