Northwest Valley Connect Client Loves the Group Trips

Northwest Valley Connect Client Loves the Group Trips

January 22, 2017

Known as “Mary from New York City” to her many

friends, Sun City resident Mary McFadden enjoys her

relationship with Northwest Valley Connect and the

weekly group trips that the nonprofit agency offers

to its clients. “I sign up for as many as I can,” says

McFadden. “I don’t really care where we’re going,

the mall, the casino, a local festival or the occasional

out-of- town day trips, I’m ready to go and enjoy a

day away from my home.”’

McFadden has been a resident of Sun City for about

eight years, having moved here from New York City to be near her daughter. She enjoys overall good health but is

limited in her mobility by severe arthritis in her left hip and leg, making a walker necessary to get about her home

and her outside activities.

She no longer drives which is how she came to know Northwest Valley Connect and to sign up us a regular

client. Her basic transportation needs, like doctors’ appointments, shopping and social functions, are

handled by a host of friends but it’s the group trips for which she relies on Northwest Valley Connect.

“Our driver is Rich and he really takes care of us,” says McFadden. “He’s a safe driver, courteous and

considerate. He’ll drop us off at our destination, allow us the freedom to go our own way, and then

come and find us when it’s time to go. He call us ‘his girls’ and we love it.”

“We started the group trips as soon as we purchased our first van,” notes Kathy Chandler, Executive

Director, Northwest valley Connect. “We know how important it is for those who are homebound and

those with mobility-limiting disabilities to be able to get out for their favorite social activities. In the next

few weeks we’ll be taking delivery of a new 12-passenger vehicle that will triple the number of clients

we accommodate on our group trips,” adds Ms. Chandler. “That’s going to make a lot more people


Now in its third year of operation, Northwest Valley Connect has seen an enormous spike in calls to its

Sun City Call Center. In 2015, there were 1457 calls while in the year just ended there were 3653 calls.

“Transportation remains the #1 challenge for the homebound and we’re working hard to keep up and

satisfy the demand,” says Ms. Chandler. “We are staffed primarily by volunteers and are constantly

seeking additional friends to either work in the Call Center or serve as volunteer drivers. I can be

reached at 623-282- 9304 for those interested in helping.”