Dial a Ride service in Sun City West is not changing!

Dial a Ride service in Sun City West is not changing!

June 22, 2017

Northwest Valley Connect was created by Sun Health and Benevilla in 2014 to focus on the transportation gaps in the northwest valley. With the expertise of our staff, and the support of our volunteers, we work to realize our objectives towards improving the quality of life of communities by way of empowering them with better transportation.

The Sun Cities area has a large proportion of senior citizens and persons with disability, but does not have a well-coordinated public transportation system that caters to them. There is a great need to create better awareness of transportation among the residents of the area, as well as to improve transportation options. Our current projects seek to address these very needs. Our Call-Click- Connect Mobility Center is a call center that helps people identify available means of transport. Ride Connect is a volunteer driver program that seeks to offer rides and door-through- door service to seniors when there are no available services to meet his or her needs. Both these projects have been successful in the Northwest Valley, we increasingly find that there are many more residents who require our services. The Group Connect program is for social trips for seniors and other groups. It was launched in December 2014, and is so popular that it has waiting lists. We provide group trips to malls, movies, games and other social outings, charging riders a round-trip price that may be as low as $7.

New programs:

Taxi Connect programs are now offered to Sun City West residents and is funded by Sun City West Foundation to enhance the transportation options in Sun City West.

The two programs are for those who may want to use UBER or Lyft for the convenience of a same day trips that Northwest Valley Connect can book for you. Program “Taxi Connect Free” is a low-income (free) program for those who qualify by living in Sun City West and are under 150 % of the poverty level. And Program “Taxi Connect Easy” for those who would like the convenience of using UBER or Lyft for same day trips and more. This program is for those who will pay for the trip that Northwest Valley Connect books for them on UBER or Lyft.

Please call 623-282- 9300 for more information on any of these programs. Northwest Valley Connect seeks volunteers to help with the call center and as volunteer drivers. Please join us in helping those in your community in need of a ride.

Dial a Ride update:

Transdev, a leading operator of national Paratransit and Dial a Ride networks, will begin operation Valley Metro’s Dial a Ride in Sun City West on July 1. Transdev will provide customers the ability to use their mobile phones to book, cancel and monitor Dial a Ride rides. The new passenger amenities will support service quality and responsiveness for customers while increasing the efficiency of operations. The Dial a Ride service in Sun City West is not changing but will be offered with these new amenities. The trip will still be $4 each way, you still need to call the day before for a trip and you can still ride to the same areas as today. The provider of the service is changing from the Discount Cab green cabs to Transdev. Beginning July 1, 2017, call 602-716- 2200 for your Dial a Ride trips.

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. I can be reached at 623-282- 9304 or at kchanadler@northwestvalleyconnect.flywheelsites.com.

Thank you,

Kathy Chandler, Executive Director & Mobility Manager