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NVC February Newsletter

Ronni D Hoover | Published on 2/2/2022


Julie Kent-Partridge

Happy February everyone!

I am looking forward to Spring as it nears and the consistent beautiful weather. Mid-April, we will have our Motors and Heels event. Keep watch for more information to come about this event as we would absolutely love for you all to attend. We will be needing volunteers and would love to spend the day with all of you! More details will becoming soon!

Northwest Valley Connect is in the process of recruiting new board members. We would absolutely love your suggestions for qualified members who have nonprofit legal, financial, and Veteran backgrounds. Please send your suggestions or have those interested contact Kathy Chandler so we can start the conversation with them.

Lastly, I want to wish you all an amazing month! Enjoy this beautiful weather and do what you can to practice self-care. Give yourselves the biggest pat on the back as NVC certainly appreciates all of your hard work. We appreciate all that you do for our organization!


Julie Kent-Partridge

Kathy Chandler

Dear NVC Staff and Volunteers,

In our family February is filled with birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and football. In pre-covid times we had big parties, but this year will be quieter.

The Super Bowl is on February 13thand I am disappointed to let you know that my Green Bay Packers will not be invited to participate. It will still be quite a game and we will watch.But, February has so much more to offer!

February 1st marks the start of Black History Month which honors the great contributions the Black community has made throughout U.S. history. The creation of the month-long celebration stems back to 1915, when noted historian and scholar Carter G. Woodson created a themed week to honor Black history.

And, in 1976, February was officially recognized as Black History Month, which over time graduated from being nationally celebrated to globally like it is in current day.

To celebrate I am going to shop at black owned businesses. (I found a website that has a list and will check out this event.)

Los Angeles’ Aquarium of the Pacific’s will hostThe Virtual African-American Festival on Feb. 27 in honor African and African American traditions.

February 1stis also the Chinese New Year with lots of activities starting in January for many days of the month and lots of my favorite kind of foods to try. This year is the year of the Water Tiger and February 1styou should wear something new for good luck and watch some of the celebrations online – lots of fireworks and parades.

Presidents' Day is celebrated on February 21 this year. All the presidents in American history are remembered and honored for their exemplary work in making America the great country it is today. Check out activities and sales near you online.

I would like to welcome our new ASU Interns - Katelyn White, Pilar Becerra, and Andrea Hernandez. Please say hi and introduce yourself if you see any or all of these young ladies in the office or speak to them on the phone. Each will be working virtually and in person with us for a year. They will be learning all aspects of our organization and will be working on projects for NVC. We are thrilled to work with each of you!!

Thank you, Gail, for the wonderful job you are doing with recruitment and onboarding new volunteers.The training opportunities are so appreciated! Thank you, Steve, Pat, Gail and Rich, for handling all the extra tasks and mini emergencies at the office while I have been away.Thank you everyone for the compassion, kindness, and consideration you continue to show our clients. You are amazing, wonderful people and neighbors! I pulled stats for 2021 and am working on auditing them at this time but my first pull shows our calls and trips numbers just a little higher than back before covid in 2019. We know our Seniors and Veterans who can no longer drive need us as it shows. Thanks for the great work you do.




Kathryn Chandler,Executive Director




Gail Christianer

Hello all,

I’d like this month to celebrate the arrival and accomplishments of the volunteers who have come aboard in the last 6 months. We’ve added 4 drivers who have strengthened our assist-vehicle services greatly: Ron Eshelman, Rich Messenger, Vern Bjerk, and Larry Bonno.
In addition, 5 new personal vehicle drivers will soon go live on Steve’s magic dispatch board: Bruce Cross, Vicky Dillavou, Dianne Price, Patricia Balfour, Ruth Knaley. Our Call Center has also grown. We have 4 new staff who have brought us to full staffing:Trish Lorenzen, Marsha Rios, Paul Miller, and Linda Cross.

I am looking forward to having you all meet each other, and we’re planning to do that Saturday, April 2. We’ll rent a Ramada at a local park, cater in BBQ, and ask everyone to bring a side dish. Watch for more information as that date approaches.

We’ve decided to use Zoom for the training we want to start scheduling once a quarter. Drivers will be the initial focus: Assist-vehicle drivers will be scheduled for a WHAT’S UP? session to keep everyone abreast of vehicle status, PASS training opportunities, new services we are bringing online, etc. Personal vehicle drivers will get a Zoom session to share tips and experiences and ask questions of other drivers. There will also be opportunities for both drivers and office staff to take CPR/First Aid either online or in person.
Gail Christianer

Francis Bonno
How long have you been volunteering?
About two months.
What do you do for NVC?
I’m a driver for NVC.I take elderly and disabled persons to their appointments, mainly in the Surprise/El Mirage area.I drive to the Community Center, dialysis, and other medical appointments.Sometimes, I drive people from daycare or treatment programs.
What do you like about volunteering?
I love helping people and I love the feeling it gives me knowing I’m making a difference in their lives.I may be one of the few people they see that day!It’s the reason I worked in healthcare for 46 years.
What is a fun fact about you?
I attended Woodstock in 1969. It was held very close to my home in northern New York. It’s one of my only claims to fame.
What advice do you have for other volunteers?
Be yourself!Enjoy the people you transport and be thankful to be a part of their life.I assure you, you will receive ten-fold the blessings and joy you give.I know I have!

NVC 2022 Interns from ASU

Pilar Becerra, Katelyn White, and Andrea Hernandez, students in the ASUSchool of Social Work, will be serving as interns at Northwest ValleyConnect for the coming year. They will answer phones in the call center,assist riders to find transit solutions, learn about community resources,and become familiar with the administrative tasks of running a nonprofitagency.

From left to right: Pilar Beccera, Katelyn White, and Andrea Hernandez

Listen up, Volunteers!
For over a year now, we have been providing you with recipes from our Staff and Leadership Team members - they are excellent recipes! We are certain that y'all out there must have some favorites that you would like to share with the rest of us.
We look forward to hearing from all of you men and women - let us know what you like to eat and get those recipes in the mail!
For publication, send your recipes torhoover@ northwestvalleyconnect.orgby the 20th of the month.



Ronni's Beef Bourguignon

Make your simple beef stew a French delight with Burgundy wine.

The change issuperb!



2 lb tender lean beef

1/4 cup flour

1/4 cup butter or margarine


1/2 tsp salt

1 small bay leaf

1/2 tsp instant minced garlic

1/4 cup chopped parsley

1 cup thinly sliced carrots

2 cups beef consommé

1 cup burgundy wine


12 small, fresh white onions

3/4 tsp thyme

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms

1 Tbls butter

1/4 cup burgundy wine


1. Trim off and discard excess fat from meat. Cut into 1" cubes. Roll in flour. Melt butter ina heavy 2 qt saucepan. Add meat, stir and cook until browned. Stir in remaining flour and cook one minute.

2. Add next seven ingredients. Cover and simmer 1 3/4 hours or until meat is almost tender.

3. In the meantime, peel onions. Add, cover, and cook 30 minutes more.

4. Add thyme and black pepper.

5. Sauté mushrooms in 1 Tbls butter and add.

6. Add remaining cup of burgundy 2 minutes before removing from heat.

Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles

Can be prepared in Crockpoton low for 6 hours. Reduce liquid and thickeners.

Add carrots at about 4 hrs

Add onions at about 5 1/2 hours. Cook for 30 minutes more.

Addremaining cup of burgundy when finished.

Nutrition Tip of the Month
By Sharon Sass, RDN

February is all things hearts! Did you know that it is also American Heart Month?You can help protect your heart against Heart Disease with self-care, like moving more, eating healthier, managing stress, not smoking/vaping, and getting enough quality sleep.

More than 20 years ago, researchers at the National Institutes of Health developed “DASH” (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) and multiple studies have found that the eating plan helps reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, two risk factors for heart disease.

DASH is still a great way to eat and has tied for first out of 39 diets in the 2022Best Dietsreport from U.S. News & World Report. DASH includes eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy, fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and seeds, and vegetable oils. DASH means eating fewer fatty meats, full-fat dairy, sugar-sweetened beverages, sweets, and high-sodium foods.

2022 Best Diets Report -

Love your heart. Learn more about keeping it healthy. Celebrate American Heart Month by trying out the “DASH” eating plan.

Happy Birthday from all of us at NVC!!
Kathy Chandler - 2/2
Greg Cravens - 2/16
Pilar Becerra - 2/21
Bonnie Boyce-Wilson - 2/24
Ingrid Gerling - 2/24