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NVC August Newsletter

Ronni D Hoover  | Published on 8/1/2021











BOARD CHAIR LETTER-Julie Kent-Partridge


Happy August Everyone!


I hope this last month has been a safe and healthy one for yourselves as well as your families. The Arizona monsoons have definitely picked up compared to last year's "nonsoons". Our state is absolutely embracing the storms, the beautiful sunsets that these monsoons provide as well as the beautiful cool mornings that come following a wonderful rainstorm. The birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, fires across the state are being put out and reservoirs are finally filling back up. All these things are wonderful for our state and beautiful to witness.


Unfortunatley, with monsoons uncertainty can also present itself. Please remind family and friends to add an extra amount of time when commuting to ensure road safety. Monsoons in Arizona traditionally bring dust storms that lead to low visibility and high winds, flash flooding that makes some roads inaccessible, all leading to a very disruptive experience at times. For peace of mind and sanity purposes it is always best practice to add a little extra travel time for safety purposes. I am very proud that volunteers and staff are doing what they need to do to keep themselves, their families and riders safe especially as it applies to monsoon safety and the Covid19 pandemic.


Looking forward, we have picked a date for the Motors and Meals fundraiser. Please be sure to save the date: Saturday October 30th, 2021 on your calendars. The progress that everyone has made thus far, planning this event is very exciting and we have just only begun! This is going to be a wonderful event and we look forward to everyone's participation. As Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". I really feel this within our organization and am proud to be part of it!


To close out my part of this newsletter, I am adding a Tibetan meditation link that I like to use as a Calming/Relaxation tool. Life can really take us by storm sometimes. Having healthy mental distractions and ways to disconnect from negativity is absolutely essential. Please take a moment to open and utilize this link. I hope you find it as relaxing as I have! Have a great month everyone!






Brendon Blake

How long have you been on the board at NVC?

I was asked to join the NVC board in the summer of 2020 and was honored to officially join the board in August of that same year.


What do you do for NVC? Your office, the board, committees, etc.

While on the board I serve on the Advocacy Committee.


What do you like about volunteering?

Volunteers are a key part of the organization that I work for and our hope is to provide meaning in the volunteering that they do. For me, the volunteer work that I have done in the past and do now is in that same vein: the volunteer work means a lot to me, and that’s what I like about volunteering.


What is a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that when I was younger, I was a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir and toured Europe with the choir.


What advice do you have for other volunteers?

My advice for volunteers is to have your voice heard. Volunteers can engage in various ways, including utilizing their skills and talents. Don’t be afraid to speak up to take on new responsibilities or take things at your own pace.





Dear Volunteers and Staff,


New KN95 masks should be in next week to go with the cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and gloves that are available in the office for drivers. The Delta Variant seems to be on the rise and we want you to be safe! Our safety measure of wearing masks continues to be mandatory for drivers in the vehicles and while helping clients outside of the vehicle. Wearing masks is also mandatory for the riders.Volunteers and staff coming into the office who have not been vaccinated should also wear a mask.Be assured that if a client, staff member or volunteer tests positive for Covid-19 we notify everyone who has been in contact with the person in the past 14 days. We had a positive client recently but he was a Lyft rider so no contact with NVC personal and we won’t schedule him on Lyft until he has a negative Covid-19 test as per Lyft’s policy.


Our work on our Motors and Meals event for 2021 has just started. This is our annual fundraiser and is great fun. The event will be Saturday, October 30th at Beardsley Park in Sun City West. We need help. Anyone who has an interest in helping with the planning, with colleting raffle items, finding sponsors, or working the day of the event send me an email.We will have a car show, food trucks, a beer and wine tent, vendor booths, a DJ and more.


Even though it’s summer and usually a slower time of year, we are seeing many enrollment forms with new clients in need. And once people ride with us they are so appreciative. YOU are the Ride Heroes to these folks! Every one of you (office help, call center, dispatch, fundraiser) has a part in getting to the end result of helping someone in need get to their medical appointment or other daily need. I thank you so much for what you do! Here are just a few of the most recent notes of thanks that have come in from clients. There are many more on the board in the office for you to look over when you have a chance to stop in.


Kathy Chandler







They’re here….the “dog days” of summer!

For many, the “dog days,” evoke those summer days that are so devastatingly hot that even dogs would lie around on the asphalt, panting. But originally, the phrase had nothing to do with dogs, or even with the lazy days of summer. Instead, the dog days refer to Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, which means “big dog” in Latin and is said to represent one of Orion’s hunting dogs.


To the Greeks and Romans, the “dog days” occurred around the time Sirius appears to rise alongside the sun, in late July in the Northern Hemisphere. They believed the heat from the two stars combined is what made these days the hottest of the year, a period that could bring fever or even catastrophe. So, did the Greeks get it right? Are the dog days, around when Sirius rises, really the hottest days of the year?


In a word: no.

Although July and August are often the hottest months of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the hottest period can vary from year to year. And depending on your latitude, the astronomical dog days can come at different times.


In 2021, the dog days span from July 3 to August 11.


The phrase “dog days” was translated from Latin to English about 500 years ago. Since then, it has taken on new meanings. When we don’t know the origin of a phrase, we often come up with a plausible explanation.


Check out this guide to star gazing during the dog days of summer:

This information taken from a National Geographic article.


Thank you again for all you do as a Volunteer. This month a poem, Dedicated Hearts, says it for us.

Dedicated hearts like yours
Are not so easy to find.
It takes a special person to be
So generous and kind.


To care so much for your fellow man
Is a quality all too rare.
Yet you give of your time and talents,
For all in need to share.


So thank you for being a volunteer,
We're privileged to work with you.
We want you to know how appreciated you are,
Not just today, but the whole year through.



Classic Cars, Fun Food, Creative Raffle


NVC will be holding another Motors and Meals fundraiser in October. It’s a great event featuring classic cars, fun food and a raffle for some exciting items. We are hoping you can you help us with donations for the raffle.


Are you an artist, sculptor, crafter, weaver, quilter, jewelry maker, clothes designer…..or do you know someone who is? We would love to have an original creation. If you have your own business….shop, restaurant, coffee shop, catering, personal chef, hair salon, esthetician, auto repair, or any other service….or know someone who has, a gift certificate would be a wonderful addition to the raffle.


Please let us know if you can contribute something to the raffle or if you have the time to make contacts for donations. We cannot thank you enough for your help!








How long have you been volunteering?

I have been volunteering with NVC since September, 2020.


What do you do for NVC?

I work mainly helping out in the office. I have updated the files and I help out addressing and mailing the El Mirage invoices and Donor acknowledgements. I also represented NVC at the ABC Blood Drive in January.


What do you like about volunteering?

I enjoy being a volunteer to help our clients, even though it is more " behind the scenes". It is fun to meet new people in the office and learn new things and skills.


What is a fun fact about you?

A fun fact- they called me "Smiley" where I worked in Indiana for 23 years.


What advice do you have for other volunteers?

My suggestion for other volunteers is to be flexible. I think it is true any time, but especially now that we are transitioning out of the pandemic.It is exciting to see what each new day will bring.








By Francine Martin


Too hot to turn on the oven, but you’re craving a sweet treat? Me too….because a meal is not complete without dessert! I found this Strawberry Bark recipe and it looked easy and too good not to try. This is a healthy recipe, but I made some substitutions since I’ve been trying to focus on eating low carb, low fat and low sugar: I used non-fat plain Greek yogurt instead of whole milk, and zero sugar chocolate syrup instead of chocolate chips. It was delicious! A picture of mine is attached. You could use any fruit and toppings; be creative! I’ll definitely make this again.



3 cups whole-milk plain Greek yogurt

¼ cup pure maple syrup or honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 ½ cups sliced strawberries

¼ cup mini chocolate chips





Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.


Stir yogurt, maple syrup (or honey) and vanilla in a medium bowl. Spread on the prepared baking sheet into a 10-by-15-inch rectangle. Scatter the strawberries on top and sprinkle with chocolate chips.


Freeze until very firm, at least 3 hours. To serve, cut or break into 32 pieces.


To make ahead: Freeze airtight between sheets of parchment for up to 1 month; let stand at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving.




Nutrition Tip of the Month

By Sharon Sass, RDN



Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated to include the latest research findings on healthy eating. For the first time, the guidelines include specific information on how older adults can “eat healthy to be healthy”. Making small changes in what you eat can lower risk for heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and, obesity and hip fracture. Choosing foods that align with the Dietary Guidelines, along with an active lifestyle, can help prevent additional weight gain and support healthy aging.


Start by being sure to enjoy a variety of foods and choosing foods with little to no added sugar, saturated fats, and sodium. Older adults need to be sure to get enough protein throughout the day to maintain muscle mass. Eating foods rich in potassium, calcium,vitamin D,dietary fiber, and vitamin B12 is important as you age


Want to know more? Check out these tips for people 60+ to make simple changes and find ways to make every bite count.









Happy Birthday from all of us at NVC!!

Ronni Hoover