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NVC May Newsletter

 | Published on 5/7/2021


BOARD CHAIR LETTER-Bonnie Boyce-Wilson

Hello Northwest Valley Connect Volunteers and Friends,

May 31 will be the observance of Memorial Day, dedicated to remembering those members of the military who have given their lives serving their country. Over the years, honoring both active duty military and retired veterans has been an important U.S. tradition.

Northwest Valley Connect is dedicated to serving seniors and veterans by providing rides in the west valley. Our statistical reporting records the numbers of veterans served, and some of our grant requests focus on developing NVC transit resources for veterans.

We have created partnerships with other veteran-serving organizations such as the Military and Veterans Success Center and Reveille, a program which helps veterans develop work skills and find jobs. Through our advocacy efforts, we have connected with elected officials at the local, state and national levels to educate decision-makers and work to expand NVC services to veterans. From time to time we have had veterans volunteering with NVC in service to other veterans. And we also have veteran representation on the NVC board.

NVC is indeed grateful to current military personnel as well as veterans. We thank them for their service and are proud to salute them.

Bonnie Boyce-Wilson, Board Chair


How long have you been on the board at NVC?

I began volunteering at Northwest Valley Connect in July 2019. I became a board member in January of 2021.

What do you do at NVC?

As an operations committee member at NVC, I collaborate with fellow committee members in discussing what we have done well and highlighting what we can improve on and the ways we can implement those improvements.

What do you like about volunteering?

The part of volunteering that keeps me committed to committing my time is the positive impact I have on people. When I hear the delight and relief in a client’s voice it reminds me of the incredible service that we at NVC provide.
What is a fun fact about you?

At 5ft 7in, I am the shortest person in the household.

I cannot roll my tongue.

I’m one of 3 family members born on March 19th, all with at least a 10-year span.

What advice do you have for other volunteers?

Remember the 3 P’s: Patience, politeness and purpose.



Dear Northwest Valley Connect Volunteers and Staff,

I have sure been enjoying our April weather. We have been having salads from my granddaughter Audrey’s garden.It would be wonderful to see another month like the last but summer will come.

We are seeing more of our clients and more new clients now that many have been able to get a vaccine. NVC continues to prioritize the trips for vaccinations. We are working with The Olive Branch Senior Center to get their clients scheduled both for the vaccines and then Lyft rides. Please let your riders or those you call for well checks know that if they need help getting scheduled we will help them. I drove a client this morning who said she was still worried about going anywhere and only goes to her doctors once every six months when she used to go monthly. She said the Walgreens that she scheduled her vaccine had to cancel due to the J & J hold. I told her to call Walgreens and schedule again and we would take her.

We had a question from a driver about clients riding in the front seat of the car. Our policy is to have clients sit as far away from the driver as possible so in the back seat. The exception to this is that if a client has had their vaccination, the driver has had their vaccination and it is difficult for the client to get into the back seat.Drivers can use their judgement in this situation. Please continue to wear face masks and follow cleaning procedures.

The enrollment forms are coming in bunches. We hear that the cities, valley metro, hospitals, medical offices and more are referring to us. We are definitely getting so much busier. There are more people going to in person doctors appointments and are venturing out to hair salons. People are looking forward to the Rec Centers opening.Our Marketing Committee is working on volunteer recruitment. There will be articles in the Independent and other forms of media, postings on websites that do volunteer recruitment like Volunteer Match, Just Serve and Facebook. There is a team also working on finding one or more business or bank that has a employee volunteer program to partner with to get some volunteers. We are in need of help in the call center and drivers.

Mickey and Rich are dusting off the Group Trip program and hope to have the first Group trip ready to offer in May. There is a group of regular riders who have been asking for the Group Trips to run again since they got their vaccinations. It has been a rough, lonely year and the in person social interactions are so important to us all.

Thank you all for what you do for the folks that need us most! I hear constantly that our drivers, those who answer the phones, and our new Dispatcher are all the nicest people and they appreciate all!



It is with a heavy heart that I let you know of the passing of one of our long-time clients, Betty Tucker on Tuesday night. She was Al’s first “ride” a few years ago and she, her husband and family have been such a blessing to many at Northwest Valley Connect.

Betty’s daughters came by the office on Wednesday afternoon wanting to personally thank Rich and Kathy – and the whole team here – who have helped make a difference in Betty’s life and her husband, Marvin. Rich was here eating lunch and was nearly without words when they came by to personally thank him.

They asked what Kathy and Rich “liked” the best and they went out and bought Starbucks, gift card from Rich’s and Al’s favorite restaurants,and pastries from the bakery – “it was how our Mama taught us to be thankful for others,” was what they told us.

This is one of a million reasons every day that our clients bless our hearts and it’s why we have the passion for them that we do! The genuine compassion of our volunteers, our staff, our Board and our clients make Northwest Valley Connect a beacon of hope to many every day.

Thank you for remembering Betty’s family in your prayers.


Northwest Valley Connect Volunteerism is Moving Forward! by Trudy Ware

Skills-based Volunteerism:

Do you know: Resources of nonprofits across Arizona and the country are being stretched like never before with both the significant increase in needs of people and organizations serving those needs. The rising demand is impacting the financial resources to meet those needs not only to maintain current levels of service, but to increase and support nonprofits growing capacity for meeting growing challenges.

Do you know: Northwest Valley Connect an essential transport service for the west valley communities has more than 2300 clients registered, and we have two paid staff, three paid drivers, and 62 or more volunteers depending on the season who work in an operational capacity as Client Service Representatives, Administrative Assistants, Webmaster/Bookkeeper while several support Fundraising, and Event Planning and, yes there is our Volunteer Driver pool. NVC is growing – the wind left our sails during the pandemic, but NVC Leadership Team along with volunteers find ways to keep moving forward with fewer, but modifications of the same services, and alternative services that support community members. Like so many nonprofits, we took a large hit across the board in service delivery and funding during 2020 and today more community opportunities are requesting our support and more residents are requesting rides. At a recent meeting Kathy Chandler made a projection on the basis of community services reopening and senior participation that total rides will increase to the level of 18,000 by mid-year 2022. Our community members are aging in place, as car keys are put away, and public transit becomes less accommodating, the need for a higher level of services become greater.

Is the Goal Achievable: Yes, and Yes! NVC Leadership Team along with Committees of the Board of Directors are mobilizing and outreaching to the corporate sector, businesses with successful resource practices - volunteer programs with individuals who have talent to help NVC achieve our goal by building the organization’s capacity. Whatever generational qualifier we fit, the Boomers or the Millennials – it is people who want to make a difference, give back, and get connected to organizations that can help translate their talents into solutions for the complex social problems. By mobilizing skilled volunteers – individuals and employee volunteers – and matching them with projects that target the critical capacity needs of our organization, we create a greater impact that ensures sustainability into the future.

Why Would Corporations Participate: They will participate because they, like Northwest Valley Connect have a stake in our communities that increase value in their presence.

Submitted by: Trudy Ware

Seeking Volunteers


I was hired as a Dispatcher on February 3rd; so I have been working here for a little over 12 weeks now.

I enjoy working with everyone here and our Fleet Manager has nicknamed me “George.” (I really don’t know why!) Pat Detert and Kim Johnson have been so terrific to help me learn everything in my role and I learn about a million new things every day; Pat is so patient with me and has been an enormous help in my learning curve here at Northwest Valley Connect.

I am so blessed every day by our clients and they teach me the importance of keeping laser focused on what is really important in life – and that’s helping others, in even small ways, or just the tone of your voice or a smile. I have been able to meet a couple of our clients when our volunteer drivers have needed assistance when our schedules were “tight” and I love meeting our clients face to face. Everyone here from Kathy to the Board and all the volunteers have such a heart of genuine compassion for others and it just feels like a great fit at this time for my career and in my life.

I have two boys, who are 9 and 13 years old and they are my world!! I love going to all of their soccer practices and tournaments. We go to church together and my heart tries to raise them in a way that teaches them the importance of caring for others in even the smallest of ways when they are at school or on the field. I love that they see the passion that I have for my role here at NVC and hopefully it influences them to follow their heart and have compassion for their friends.

My Dad just turned 89 years old and he has been such a huge role model for me in my life and he even volunteers for NVC and helps pick-up the mail at the post office for Kathy and drives a client, who is 96 years old and both of them love talking with each other during their trips.

I enjoy cooking meals for my family and baking peanut butter cookies. I have worked East Coast hours most of my career life and so I love to wake up early and have my quiet time and then go to the gym before coming to work. I enjoy working virtually and have managed virtual (work-at-home) teams for many years and I love technology.

Broccoli Salad by Kathy Chandler
Memorial Day brings BBQ’s and picnics in the park! My favorite salad is a Broccoli Salad.
8cupsbroccolicut into bite-sized pieces
⅓cupred oniondiced
½cupdried cranberries
¼cupsunflower seeds
½cupbacon bits
3tablespoonscider vinegar
2tablespoonssugar – I use swerve granulated sugar replacement to stay away from sugar
1cup mayonnaise
salt & pepper

Make sure the sugar is dissolved in the cider vinegar and mayo and then mix all well.


Triple Berry Pie by Bonnie Boyce-Wilson
Summer brings delicious ripe berries at the peak of their freshness. Using packaged pie crusts makes the assembly –well, easy as pie!

¾ cup sugar

3 to 4 TB cornstarch

1 ½ tsp cinnamon

18 oz blueberries

18 oz blackberries

12 oz raspberries

¾ cup blackberry jam or preserves

1 ( 14 to 22 oz) package of 2 (rolled) pie crusts

1 egg


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

2. Gently mix washed berries in a deep bowl.

3. Mix sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon. Sprinkle onto berries, gently stir, fold in jam. Set berries aside.

4. Place a crust into a 9 inch deep dish pie pan. Pour in berry mixture. Spread evenly. Top with remaining crust and crimp to seal edges. Cut slits in top crust to allow steam to escape.

5. Whisk egg with 1 TB water, brush onto crust. Place pie on a parchment- lined baking sheet. Bake 55 to 75 minutes, checking periodically to be sure edges are not getting too brown. If so, cover edges with a strip of foil until pie is evenly golden brown.

6. Cool pie before serving. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

Happy Birthday from all of us at NVC!!
Alan Goff
Roger Ball
Jennifer Bibeau
Richard Greene
Marc Newell
Janet Strycker
Dean Strycker
Donald King