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Company helps NVC lower utility bill

Donates roof coating to building

By Rusty Bradshaw


Nonprofit organizations are always looking for ways to trim their expenses to maximize the services they can provide.

Northwest Valley Connect officials were able to do that through the generosity of an area company that provides insulation services. NVC helps connect residents to public transportation resources in the Northwest Valley, an area that is outside the edge of Valley Metro bus routes.

“Our older building was hard to keep comfortable during summer heat,” said Bonnie Boyce-Wilson, Northwest Valley Connect board member. “When NVC contacted nearby insulation companies to ask for help with reducing energy costs, Western Efficient Energy responded by donating the Cool Roof coating for our metal roof.”

The insulation improvements made to the NVC building by Western Efficient Energy, owned by Mark Buonincontro, resulted in a $130 per month reduction of the agency’s EZ Pay energy bill, according to Ms. Boyce-Wilson.

“For a nonprofit like NVC, this is a substantial contribution that will continue to benefit us far into the future,” she said. Cool roof coatings are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Benefits of the roof treatment include reduced rooftop and attic temperatures, less heat transfer into the building structure, reducing energy bills by decreasing air conditioning needs