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Volunteer Miles Reimbursement


Experience Matters is proud to partner with you and your organization in our AmeriCorps Seniors program. We applaud you for being engaged in your community and making a difference for your neighbors! It is great to welcome you to this network of volunteers age 55 and older who are giving of their time and talent across the nation. And we are excited to get to know you and hope to see you at some of our workshops and other events.


•     Be Part of a National Movement
Mature adults 55 years and older are giving thousands of hours daily to positively impact the communities they live in.  Your hours will be counted with those of your peers to demonstrate to policy makers and the community the impact of senior volunteerism on a local and national level.
•     Training Opportunities
AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers will have the opportunity to attend several workshops and hear from guest speakers 
throughout the year. Learn new skills in areas related to your volunteer service and other areas of interest to you.
•     Community Involvement
AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers are invited to join other volunteers for National Service Day projects.
•     Periodic Newsletter
The AmeriCorps Seniors newsletter will inform you about issues affecting volunteers, your age group, and provide updates on how volunteers 55 and over are impacting their communities.
•     Annual AARP Membership
As a recognition gift and a thank you, we will pay an annual AARP Membership on your behalf (with consent only)
•     Volunteer Recognition
AmeriCorps Seniors celebrates your accomplishments and honors the work that you do.  This takes a variety of forms, including special events, trainings, and opportunities offered to RSVP members.
•     Supplemental Insurance
As an AmeriCorps Seniors member you will be covered by supplemental insurance (personal liability, excess automobile liability, and accident) when you volunteer.  In the unfortunate event that something happens to you while volunteering or while traveling between volunteer assignments (i.e. driving from home to home delivering meals to shut in seniors), the insurance will help cover deductions and out-of- pocket expenses related to the accident. When traveling from your home to your volunteer assignment the accident insurance will help cover expenses related to bodily injuries.


As an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer you can receive assistance with the cost of transportation to and from 
volunteer assignments and official project activities, including orientation, training, and 
recognition events, and transporting clients within the limits of the project's available resources.

Currently mileage reimbursement checks are issued once per quarter. The limit per volunteer is $200 
per grant year (July 1 – June 30) and the maximum reimbursement is $50 or 57.5 cents per mile, whichever 
is less, per quarter. These amounts can vary from year to year and quarter to quarter based on 
available resources.

What is needed to receive the mileage reimbursement?
•    Completed  AmeriCorps Seniors enrollment form with all the needed information is on file
•    AmeriCorps Seniors Project Director (Jeanne-Marie Hill) has verified that you have a valid driver’s license
•    The mileage has been entered onto the volunteer website
•    The trips listed have been verified by the responsible staff person at Northwest Valley 
•    The mileage totals will be submitted on 5th of month following quarter
•    Experience Matters will process the mileage reimbursement in a timely way upon receipt of 

What are the benefits for Northwest Valley Connect?
•    Have a partner in Experience Matters and the RSVP Senior Corps program for recruiting 
volunteers and sharing the impact their organization and volunteers have on the community they 
•    Offer additional recognition and benefits to your volunteers at no extra cost to Northwest 
Valley Connect.  Allow more funds to go toward the mission of the agency!