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Connecting Residents to Local Transportation Resources.

As a central point of contact within the community, Northwest Valley Connect coordinates information on a variety of existing travel options to provide residents with easy-to-use information that will assist them in planning their transportation needs. Working with government, private, nonprofit and volunteer transportation providers, our goal is to educate residents on existing available transportation resources and to simplify their approach to trip planning.   This assistance is readily available here on our website and by phone at (623) 282-9300. Our call center is staffed by specially trained operators providing friendly and free guidance to help residents choose transportation options in the area that best meet their needs.

August 26, 2019              

Northwest Valley Connect offers New Transport Service to the Public

West valley community residents are offered another transit option by Northwest Valley Connect, NVC. During five years of operations NVC volunteers and transportation staff have put forth distinguished effort to advocate, facilitate and coordinate accommodating safe transportation resources for riders, thereby promoting quality of life among residents seeking transit services.

Transportation provides a vital lifeline for people without access to transport. Limited access to public transportation in the west valley communities is well documented causing a burden for residents’ dependent on fragmented services, such as Dial-a-Ride/Ride Choice, taxies, Lyft, Uber and NVC Volunteer Ride-Connect.

Ø NVC Mobility -Volunteer Program arranges alternative services to public transit. Volunteers make every attempt in response to ride requests through the Call-Click-Connect Mobility Center. The Center helps people identify available options for their transit needs.

Ø NVC Ride-Connect is a free volunteer driver program that offers rides and door-through-door services to seniors when there are no available services to meet the need.

Ø NVC Group-Connect is for social trips for seniors. It provides group trips to malls, movies, games and other social outings. Charging riders a round-trip price that may be as low as $10.00.

Ø Taxi Connect Free is a low income (free) program for those who

qualify by living in Sun City West and are under 150% of the poverty level.

Ø NEW SERVICE!!!! – Taxi Connect Easy is a new service offering to all west valley seniors 65 years and older, veterans and disabled who like the convenience of using UBER or Lyft for same day services or advance requests. The benefit to riders is the offering of NVC Transportation Manager’s know-how while scheduling a Lyft or Uber ride, monitoring the trip and assuring safety for the service. NVC cost for service is $4.00/trip. For example: Lyft charges approximately $10.00 for five miles and NVC cost would be $4.00 above the Lyft charge.  NVC continues to grow as a result of value in the transportation culture of residents seeking transit mobility while attending to health service appointments, grocery shopping, and social events. NVC services are designed to sustain and enhance lifestyles for individuals and communities.

Northwest Valley Connect regards transportation services as a community’s “pay forward” that allows residents, especially those with disabilities the options to move about independently.  Please contact Northwest Valley Connect @ 623-282-9303 or email Kathryn Chandler: to find out more information on any or all services, donation opportunities and openings to volunteer as a call center representative, driver, marketing, and events.