Northwest Valley Connect featured on!

Northwest Valley Connect featured on!

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Posted: Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:20 am on

‘The journey is the treasure,” children’s author Lloyd Alexander wrote. It’s a simple truth that most of us “mobile” folk take for granted. But for those of us who don’t own a vehicle, who cannot drive or who don’t have easy access to public transportation, a “journey” that gets them where they want to go is a treasure as precious as gold.

The Northwest Valley Connect was officially launched on Sept. 18, 2014 as a one-click, on
e-call mobility center dedicated to helping people get where they want to go, easily and efficiently. The center is equipped with a database that lists all transportation providers in the area and information that enables the mobility center operators to assist callers with their transportation needs.

The launch was a public event attended by dozens of community members and transportation supporters, including Benevilla President Michelle Dionisio; Sun Health Executive Vice President of Population Health Jennifer Drago; NVC Executive Director/Mobility Manager Kathryn Chandler; and Valley Metro’s Manager of Accessible Transit Services Ron Brooks.

Since opening, NVC has served more than 415 clients and arranged for 265 rides.

Other highlights from NVC’s history since opening include: In October, NVC received a $10,000 grant from the Wulkan Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping older adults find transportation options. The grant was awarded by Beverly Wulkan, an experienced civil engineer and transit expert, well-acquainted with the challenges older adults often face when planning local trips to doctors, the pharmacy, the grocery store, social engagements and other appointments.

In December, the Surprise City Council voted to approve Community Outreach Program funding for six community organizations, including NVC, which will receive $8,000 for transit support.

In April 2015, NVC will offer the Ride Connect Program (volunteer drivers providing door-through-door service to those calling for appointments and more) and the Group Connect Program (social trips for groups going to the mall and more).

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